Star Trek, Klingon Disruptor, crispy, pair of 2 pcs


Star Trek Klingon Disruptor Vinyl / Mylar™ extra crispy part, One Pair (Disruptor part not included)

Vinyl Extra Crispy Pair, new, silver-mylar/vinyl: ready for installation on your prop project, easy to work:

I provided a photo of several Famous Disruptors so you may compare this crispy with historically accurate crisps; Famous Disruptors/and-or other parts, not part of this sale.
Famous Disruptors with red stars have a crispy similar to the ones offered in this sale.

Sale includes two (2) swatches 1-1/2" x 3" for trimming to your disruptor.
This mylar/vinyl has no visible backing and is simply a white color.
60 degree pattern but not the same as a TOS Phaser

Suggested installation: fill-screw indentations flush and apply with contact cement.

Ask questions anyway… long and

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-No international sales to the Russian Federation or Columbia

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