Star Trek, Laser Rifle, Metal Parts Upgrade Kit, Shanko, Roddenberry


A complete metal parts upgrade kit to accurize the TOS "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Phaser rifle to the Julien's Auction House photographs of this historic Star Trek TOS prop. Paste Link To Watch


Fits the very screen accurate "Shanko" fiberglass rifle kit and the "Roddenberry" versions.

The kit includes all the items shown in the photographs but not the laser module. Laser/LED emitter/dish lighting is provided by you.

The ready to Install Kit Includes 10 Accurate components:

Emitter Tip; laser & Light ready
Phaser Rifle Dish
12 mm laser module adaptor for inside the stock aluminum barrell
Five groove barrel furrell
Fixed 5/16" Antenna Mast
Sculpted Antenna Collar
Inspection Port Eyecup at Butt Stock
Inspection Port Straight Knurl riser
Forestock bean bezel 1/16" milled
Forestock slide switch bezel 1/16" milled
Three M2 set-screws for securing antenna collar and dish

This is a very special item. The aluminum is NOT ANODIZED and is of a more workable alloy type than others on the market. Why?, I used a special 6063-T5 un-anodized aluminum because it is workable by a prop builder. Anodizing most often hardens the material surface making it difficult to; machine, grain and/or, further polish. I want you to have options.

My aluminum is easy to; mirror polish even-more, drill, file, acid weather, rolex grain and, do anything else you can come up with, your the prop builder and I say have some fun! I also do not like anodizing because it does not look “prop authentic” to the 1960’s TV show.

Watch “How It’s Made” PASTE THIS LINK:

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