Star Trek Phaser, TOS, 8 Watt Nominal Blue Laser, all metal trims, Black & White



Star Trek TOS Laser Phaser

Laser Modified P2 Hero Phaser 8.0 Watt nominal 445nm Blue, Nichia NUBM44, 9mm, G2-DTR Lens, X-Drive, 2 amp 8 volt power system.
All metal fittings Hybrid Hero-Midgrade Style, Black & White, Integral nozzle and heat sink custom crafted.

All metal trims on P1/P2 that separate for screen accuracy!
Why read when you can watch! . I have many working lasers in my Star Trek collection and want to clear out another, this has been run maybe one hour total just for final testing. Finishes were reapplied and new 8.0 watt nominal Laser, optics and, Driver system installed; so what you get is in NEW condition. Read my feedback to hear my Happy Trek Collectors. Visit Simon Mercs YouTube REVIEW AND DEMO. Simon Mercs is a renowned Starship Builder, has 3,000 subscribers and, some of his video’s have over 10,000 views each! Watch stuff burn at
I ship what you see in the photo’s/video:
P1 and P2 Phaser set recreating the 1966 Black & White style Phaser auctioned at Sotheby’s in September 1996,
Four rechargeable 3.7 Volt 2000 mAh LiOn batteries and storage case,
Custom Crafted AAAA quality custom brass and acrylic Display Stand inspired by Spock’s favorite game “Tri-Dimensional-Chess””. Not a plastic or knock-down stand, but entirely handcrafted from 1” thick solid- acrylic & solid-brass rod with flame polished finish on the edges of the acrylic plinth.
The display stand also features a metal officially licensed Star TrekTM CBS 2013 Badge. Display stand Design Copyright © ® and pending to Jon-Paul Joseph Lussier, Sarasota Florida USA.
High grade “Nitecore Brand” Battery Charger,
Foam Lined Storage Box,
Real Notarized COA printed on Bank Paper WITH A HOLOGRAPHIC SERIAL NUMBER , not an inkjet joke.

Very sexy and screen accurate:
This P1 is removable and makes the B&W TV sound and faux emitter lights.
All metal trim everywhere, THE BLACK PAINTED FIXED ASPIRATOR IS BRASS!!; Aluminum Nozzle, Aluminum Hand Crafted side-turn dial, Aluminum custom turned top-turn dial, Aluminum trigger assembly, P1 Aluminum release in hard anodized gold, P1 emitter Aluminum in hard anodized gold, P1 dorsal trigger 5/16” diameter Aluminum, P1 coin-edge thumbwheel hand turned Aluminum.
The Mid-Grade style fins are fiberglass epoxy with silver undercoat and gloss black top-coat.
Super Powerful 8.0 watt nominal, @ 445 nm blue color laser (visible indoors and, outside at dusk/dawn/bright-at-night).
Integrated custom machined one part exterior Midgrade Nozzle acts as exposed heat dissipator while hidden aluminum laser heatsinks remain hidden from view.
Fixed DTR-G2 aspheric coated Lens to max out power turning the 6.0 watt diode into a near 8.0 watt menace. (8.0 NOMINAL WATTS ARE: 6.0 X 1.3 BOOST = 7.8 WATT APPROXIMATE ACTUAL +/-).
DTR’s G2 coated high power Laser Optics!!; Not just any laser optics in this unit. I invest the extra $$ and get the “DTR Brand G2” (coated Aspheric Optic System) have the best performance of any Optics System for a 445 nm laser such as this. I personally bench test the laser module & Optics Assembly, then the Optics are precisely adjusted at a target 10-0” away and locked in place with LocTite Blue. You need not worry about adjusting anything…..just point and press !! Not all G2 Optics Systems are the same; both the lens “glass-formulations” and coating-formulations vary widely, as do the related mounts and, OEM costs.
A real Barn Burner. Melts rosin solder, pops balloons, char’s wood, burns paper, lights fireworks, lights campfires, burning hot from 1 to 8 feet !! For burn demonstration And
Internal copper-alloy Heat-Sink set in aluminum heatsink and, exterior aluminum emitter 26mm diameter x 26mm long heat-dissipator: Emitter is mirror polished and not anodized 6063-T5 alloy (HE-6 British) aluminum alloy. Great engineering and a lot of mass!! Lens deeply recessed (over 1.00” inside acrylic emitter (2.70 cm)) so it’s nearly impossible to damage the lens and, it keeps the lens clean! All solid copper Laser diode module is set in Arctic Silver type heat transfer compound within both Heat-Sink & dissipator assemblies.
Thermal Conduction: My 6063 alloy is rated at 210 W/m*K 15% higher than 6064/6262 (higher is better for Laser applications). 6064 (also known as 6262) is great for anodizing but has a lower thermal conduction rating of 172 W/m*K. My one part integral nozzle and heat sink designs are a most efficient combined heat-sink & heat-dissipator on the market for a Phaser.

Safety: ALWAYS use laser goggles when working with lasers.. Purchase a “pair” to “spare” your eyes. About $12 everywhere on-line.
Battery Power System; The system runs on a pair of small but high capacity 2000mAh 3.7 V rechargeable LiOn batteries and four are included in the sale. The Batteries are fully concealed in the handle behind a magnetically secure cover.


Dimensions of P1/P2 Phaser Assembly (screen accurate approximately); 8 1/2” wide x 6 1/4” tall x 2 1/8” deep or about , 22.0 cm x 12.0 cm x 5.5 cm. Screen accurate size.

Dimensions of Stand (approximately); 4” x4” x1” thick (10cm x 10cm x 2.60cm) with tallest brass armature extending about 6” high (15 cm).

Padded Storage Box & Notarized COA Included; 9” square x 2” thick. Phaser comes in the storage box lined with foam and the notarized COA, both have a sample shown in the listing.

Laser Firing Time; I have never burned out an 8 watt nominal with this integral nozzle/dissipator & heat-sink. I found firing can be quite long, 30 minutes of on/off use has not been a problem (assuming you don't run the batteries out). Multiple long fires of 1 minutes has also not been an issue. Keep in mind you can always feel the external aluminum nozzle/heat-dissipator to see if things are heating-up. A hot dissipator may be a cue for a minute long rest...

Phaser Finished: in automotive grade black & white with acrylic matte clearcoat.

General Construction: This is build uses a licensed Lexan (polycarbonate) Phaser shell and modified licensed soundboard for non-laser FX light & FX sound effects.
Warranty & Service Information
Included in sale is USPS Priority Mail shipping to any USA location and full replacement value insurance. My ecrater sales are very well packaged and I have never had a freight damage claim.
USA ONLY: FOR 90 days I WILL repair, troubleshoot, and repair this prop for $200 including insured USPS Priority mail shipping back to you. If you require a new laser crystal because you burned yours out, the additional costs shall be $50.00; including all parts and labor.
Paypal payment is required prior to services being rendered. International service will incur additional shipping (actual-cost) and International customers pay any and all custom fees at point of entry. Many International ship-to locations can not include insurance. Customer takes on all risk of theft and, or, damage.
Contact me your questions and concerns. While this is a final sale, I will provide the services above to all my customers.
Terms of Sale:
Batteries included USA only. Generally speaking, Customs does not allow 'Lithium' based batteries to cross international borders.
By purchasing products that include Laser-diodes you are agree to and ratify, by electronic signature for order and related payment, the following all-inclusive and entire Binding-Agreement between the Buyer (You) and Seller (Me);
-LiOn batteries included USA only. Generally speaking, Customs does not allow 'Lithium' based batteries to cross international borders. That includes Canada (sorry my Canadian friends).
-By purchasing products that include Laser-diodes you are agree to and ratify, by electronic signature for order and related payment, the following all-inclusive and entire Binding-Agreement between the Buyer (You) and Seller (Me);
-This Binding Agreement survives all attempted and, or, actual rescission of payment and, or, the willful purchase, of this product,
-This is an ecrater sale subject to ecrater policy and/or PayPal policy,
-Included shipping (aka “free shipping”) and the included “full declared-value replacement insurance” are both subject to United States Postal Service (hereinafter the “USPS”) policies and regulations. Buyer claims and requests for any refunds as may be related to USPS Shipping shall be made according to the USPS time schedules for claim processing and other ecrater policy for all shipping loss and/or damage. Buyer accepts that USPS claims take at least 4 weeks to process, furthermore the buyer expressly accepts that USPS claims take at least 4 weeks to process,
- This is a one-of-a kind custom item and ships F.O.B. from the seller located in Sarasota Florida USA,
- There is a specific limited service warranty for 2017 but no returns AFTER 14 DAYS.
- Don’t open the unit, or no-warranty services will be provided AND NO RETURN ALLOWED.
-This Laser, aka prop-Phaser, was hobby-built and sold solely as a component for incorporation into Your end-products or Your theater-productions, cosplay events, and Trek fan movie events.
-No international sales to; Klingon Empire, the Russian Federation or, Columbia.

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