P2 Top Turn Dial Clover, Art Asylum, 1/8" thin Jein Hero's, Star Trek TOS, Phaser Metal Parts



Hand Machined aluminum, polished, .88 dia x .12 thick x .32 octagon hole per photo's. Price is EACH, (1) unit. Fits Art Asylum toy phasers and all prop kits. Check out the mirror finish and chamfer along the top edge, just gorgeous. The mount hole is the correct octagon for Art Asylum but also grips epoxy very very well of you mount to a 5/16" tube/rod.

For Hero Applications (metal on metal only) .64" clover height can be reduced to Jein Hero height of +/- .50" by sanding-off, or milling-off, the bottom. See product photographs.

Photo shows top & bottom. Price is EACH (1) pc.

The aluminum is NOT ANODIZED and is of a more workable alloy type than others on the market. Why?, I used a special 6063-T5 (HE-6) un-anodized aluminum because it is workable by a prop builder. Anodizing hardens the material surface and that’s not always good because anodizing makes it difficult work the component. Notably anodizing makes it hard to; machine, grain and/or, further polish, the component.

I want you to have options: This component is easy to; mirror polish to brilliance, drill, file, acid weather, rolex grain and, do anything else you can come up with, your the prop builder and I say have some fun! I also do not like anodizing because it does not look “prop authentic” to the 1960’s TV show.

Watch “How It’s Made” PASTE THIS LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJVifbd-lDw&t=25s

The reason I made some of these to sell was in response to many many inquiries on my YouTube “startrekguy 2012” channel.

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