We are all about Star Trek TOS and the New Star Trek Movies with the JJ-Prise, Chris Pine, and Mr. Quinto. We re-sell the best prop reproductions we can find. We also often offer up items from our own collection to make room for new things. On occasion we refurbish a model or prop and offer it to interested collectors. We do not offer any toys, cheap chinese props like Master Replica's nor, any unlicensed products. Just the Best of the Best, otherwise; why bother???

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Items postmarked within 14 days of PURCHASE DATE and in original re-saleable condition will receive a full refund AFTER they are unpacked and inspected by Us. Customer's are given the maximum amount of leeway possible on all Returns. We prefer you be happy above all.
Send us an email and let us know it is coming AND, include in that email the name of the carrier and a tracking number so we can follow the item! The USPS (United States Postal Service) offers excellent shipping rates, insurance rates, and tracking.
Return it. But remember you MUST return it during the return period which is 14 days from "date you purchased the item".
The Seller can not make a claim for loss NOR damage as all items are shipped F.O.B. from the Seller's location. The item shipped became your property when the Post Office received your item. We have extensive experience packing our product for successful delivery without damage. Boxed parcels are marked with "fragile" stickers on all six sides of the box. Padded envelopes are marked with "fragile" stickers on at least one side and often have a "DO NOT BEND" stamp on the front. Actual items are wrapped in packing and often floated in packing peanuts to prevent damage. Our damage rate is less than 1 for 1000 items shipped. The included “full declared-value replacement insurances” are subject to United States Postal Service (the USPS) policies and regulations. Buyer claims and requests for any Insurance Monies, as may be related to USPS Shipping freight loss and/or parcel damage, shall be made by the Buyer according to the USPS time schedules for claim processing and eCRATER policy FOR ALL shipping loss and/or damage. Buyer accepts that USPS claims take at least 4 weeks to process and accepts eCRATER policy on damage and loss claims. Visit http://pe.usps.gov and http://www.usps.com/insuranceclaims/domestic.htm Again the Buyer expressly accepts that USPS claims take at least 4 weeks to process. Remember making a false USPS claim is a Federal Crime and punishable as specified in the applicable sections of the U.S.C. and are investigated by your local Postal Inspector.